Corona Virus Update - June

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Under normal circumstances, no two days are ever the same in a care home environment.  This is part and parcel of working in the care home sector, and something that quickly becomes second nature.

However, Covid-19 could never be classified as, “normal circumstances” and as such our ability to adapt has certainly been tested, sometimes on an hourly basis.


I would like to say it was an easy decision to make, locking down Scissett Mount.  Undeniably, from the perspective of keeping Covid-19 out, it was.  However, the consequences of doing so, can have far wider implications.

Family and friends are vital in the life of a resident, not just for the resident themselves, but equally, for the families.  Something which I am acutely aware of.


In the end, whether we had locked down or not, the government made it official the following week.


So, we purchased ipads, which have helped residents and families stay in contact, either by face time, messages or sending each other photos and social distancing, ‘through the window’ visits have become a normal part of life.


I have been a Care Home Manager for 15 years and this is the first time I have ever had to close the doors to a care home, for any reason, much less for a worldwide pandemic!


As the Manager of Scissett Mount, the safety and wellbeing of all residents is paramount.  Of course, we also have an obligation to families too.  It is our responsibility to ensure they have complete confidence in us, so that once they bring their loved ones here to visit or to live, they are content to do so.


Our home does not grow ‘per’ resident each time we welcome someone new.  Our home grows by a complete family unit, for each of those residents.


I am happy to say we have adapted; we are still adapting.  The residents, staff, families and home itself.  Hopefully, we have struck just the right balance to see us through these difficult times.


We have managed to maintain a good supply of PPE which was further supported by our community, who also donated face guards, free of charge.


Friends and family have sent staff a steady supply of treats, chocolates, buns etc.  All of which have been gratefully received and local businesses have donated flowers and plants for the Home.


We also feel lucky the home was designed in such a way that we were able to set up an isolated treatment room.  As a result, District Nurses could continue to provide whatever care necessary, without any disruption to the main living area of the home itself or any contact with any of the other residents.


Overall, touch wood we are getting through this, together.

Corona Virus Update – June

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